Criminal Law Attorney

Craig A. Fletcher is ready to handle Marshall, Carthage, or Center, TX criminal law case.

If you are dealing with a criminal law charge Craig A. Fletcher wants to represent you. With years of legal experience, Craig can represent you in all areas of criminal law including misdemeanors and felonies. Below is a brief list of just a few of his areas of practice and additional information. Contact us today for assistance with your Marshall, Carthage, or Center, TX criminal law case.

DUI Cases

How many drinks does it take to reach the legal limit in Texas? This is a standard question that is typically asked by the driver who wants to know just how much he can drink before he reaches the legal limit, which is .08 BAC. This score is configured based on a few different variables, including elapsed time between drinks and other factors such as weight and sex. Click here to read more about DWI law, and if you are in need of representation be sure to call Craig.

Assault and Battery Cases

Depending on the state, assault and battery may or may not be treated as separate crimes. In the state of Texas they are the same. Depending on the circumstances of the case, a case of assault may be escalated to a case of aggravated assault. The difference between the two is that aggravated assault involves the use or exhibition of a weapon or one that could have caused serious bodily injury. If you are looking for someone to represent you in an assault and battery case, and a worthwhile attorney-client relationship is important to you, call Craig now!

Domestic Violence Cases

If you are dealing with a case of domestic violence and are in or near the Marshall, TX, area, give Craig a call now and he will not only represent you but help walk you through the mental and physical aspects of the crisis. In the case of a domestic situation, when force is used to cause or threaten bodily harm, it is called domestic violence. In order to convict one of domestic violence the prosecutor must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the action was intentional and knowing.

Sexual Assault Cases

In the state of Texas, as in any other state, sexual assault is serious criminal violation of the law. More commonly known as rape, sexual assault is considered to be without the victim's consent when violence, force or threats were used to get the person to submit. Click here to read more or to find out how sexual assault could be elevated to aggravated sexual assault.