Meet Craig A Fletcher

Meet Craig A Fletcher

Craig is a husband and father who enjoys hunting, fishing on the weekends and being with his family. Over the course of twenty years he has taken his commitment to and love for family and transferred them into the courtroom. With 20 years legal experience, representing clients in criminal and family law cases, and after presiding over literally thousands of family law and criminal law cases as a municipal and court at law judge, in Smith and Cherokee counties, he is now opening a new practice in the Marshall, TX area. Craig looks forward to serving the citizens in the Harrison, Panola, Marion, and Shelby county areas.

Craig believes in providing you with the representation you rightfully deserve, but he realizes there's more to it. On top of working hard to win your case, Craig is prepared to walk you through the mental and emotional stress brought on by the circumstances. It’s one thing to experience an attorney-client relationship. It’s another to benefit from that relationship. If you are experiencing the stress of a family law case or a criminal charge, take a step in the right direction by setting up a time to speak with Craig about your situation.

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